Fire Bucket Ashtray

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Quick Overview

Fire Bucket Ashtray. Ok so smokers have no choice but to step outside in the cold & rain to have a smoke. But we are here to cheer them up with this ace little fire bucket ashtray. Laugh in the face off the smoking ban with this cool little accessory. A great gift which can’t fail to amuse, this ace ashtray with a witty take on the fire bucket is boss. Sand included, and don’t worry when you run out, pop to the seaside & bingo re fill for free. Or pop to your local builders, when their not looking boom get some sand. With a little handle which can be either fixed to a wall or just sat on your garden table, this little bucket will ensure your fag ends end up in the fire bucket not floating in the fish pond. Result we say. Size: 10 x 10.6cm
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