Lolita My Tiara Martini Glass

Lolita My Tiara Martini Glass

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Lolita My Tiara Martini Glass.
Love love love!
One of our most favourite gifts, this STUNNING Lolita my tiara martini glass never fails to impress. From mums to daughter, nieces to friends this beautiful martini glass is a must have. Hand painted and covered in so much sparkly, you will think you have entered unicorn land! The intricate detail on the Lolita my tiara martini glass is just fantastic. A lovely gift, she is sure to love, who couldn’t! Complete in a purple gift box this martini glass by Lolita would make a special gift for any occasion & allow her to party in style! If your still not sure, why not take a look at our Gifts for Her range by clicking here.

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