Mademoiselle Pink Spotty Umbrella

Mademoiselle Pink Spotty Umbrella

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Mademoiselle Pink Spotty Umbrella. 

Living in the UK, we can’t hide from the rain, but we can sure look fabulous when it rains! Stop your hair & make up getting messed up with this stunning Mademoiselle Pink Spotty Umbrella. 

This gorgeous handbag size brolly will brighten up any day! Be glamour itself with its fuchsia dots & stylish ruffles that chase the grey skies away. We do love the ruffles mind, they look so pretty when the umbrella is up around all the edges. 

A vision of pink that will go with any outfit & make you want it to rain, so you whip out your brolly, well maybe?

Size: 30cm in Height
100cm Diameter when Open

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