Moomin Compact Mirror
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Moomin Compact Mirror

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Moomin Compact Mirror.
If you love the Moomins, can remember them for your childhood then you’re sure to love our full range of Moomin merchandise. This lovely compact mirror is one off our favourites.
The classic comic image on a pretty compact mirror, so when we go to check out make up or hair we are met by these adorable little characters. The back features Snorkmaiden with an umbrella sheltering from the rain.

This compact mirror contains two mirrors, one standard and one magnifying.
If, like us, you’re captivated by Moomin merchandise, then you’ll love this Moomin Compact Mirror by Disaster Designs.
Featuring Moomin in the rain on one side, and a scene from Comic 1 on the other, this mirror is the perfect size to pop in your handbag.
Size: 6 × 6 cm

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