Munchstache Cookie Cutters
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Munchstache Cookie Cutters

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Munchstache Cookie Cutters. 

Now these are so cool! Not only can you make your very own moustache in five different styles, but you can then try them out for size, seeing what on earth you’d look like with a mo, which one you’d suit before eating them! Yummy! 

Great fun for kids, who love these, probably more playing with them! A great addition to any party, these are sure to go down a treat! A bestseller and we can see why, they are just so flipping cool! An ideal way to support your man though Movemeber too! 

Each set contains 5 moustache cutters, all off different styles made from durable food safe, high tech plastics. They also comes packed in a reusable storage tray. To see all our other bestselling gifts please click here.

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