Ugly doll Ikoy Yoki 12 Inch

Ugly doll Ikoy Yoki 12 Inch

Ugly doll Ikoy Yoki 12 Inch. 

Last one in stock, my Ikoy Yoki has been a hit! Ugly dolls have taken the states by storm, and many celebrities have been spotted with a cheeky little ugly doll, of course they have, ugly dolls are fabulous!

This bright green ugly doll Ikoy Yoki is totally funky! A great gift for adults & children alike!

Ikoy Yoki are everywhere. 

They are all around us. Some of us out there don’t believe in them, but they most certainly believe in you.
When you get into trouble, you can always close your eyes and ask for guidance from Ikoy Yoki.

So soft & huggable, these are ideal for nursery’s too! 

Size: 30cm
Suitable for all ages

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