Watering can Salt & Pepper set, Culinary Concepts
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Watering can Salt & Pepper set, Culinary Concepts

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Watering can Salt & Pepper set, Culinary Concepts. 

Now these are cool, the most perfect gift for any gardener for sure! This lovely silver plated watering can salt & pepper set are a great gift for any occasion. Super cute & so clever they look great on any side or on the kitchen table. 

Each little watering can has an s or p letting you know which is which. Such a clever idea, any keen gardener is sure to appreciate. The perfect gift for those hard to buy, this adorable little set which comes in a lovely gift box is sure to impress every time they flavour their food. 

Size: 5.5 × 8.5cm included the spout & handle

Chilli Pepper Salt & Pepper Set also available.

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