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Holiday….it would be so fine!


So it’s cold, super cold, rainy and dark. Oh and one of my best mates just happens to of started her year of travelling. Her instagram is just insane right now. Which lead me to thinking, I need a holiday. Not one in the UK, I mean I do love UK holidays there is literally so many places which I love spending a long weekend away exploring the city. Edinburgh being a personal favourite, then of course Liverpool my second home from Uni. However I’m afraid this just won’t cut it, I need sun, real hot sunshine & cocktails on the beach, and the sea. Plus I want to complain about being too hot. I just want it to be that hot.

So amidst our awful February weather I do want to do a quick holiday post on my top 5 essentials travelling items. No matter how long the flight, the stay or the area. What are the 5 items I need for travelling in style.

holiday essentials top 5 flamingo gifts

Travel Essentials

The first item I find a must has to be the passport holder & luggage tag. Because let’s be frank here, without the passport you are going no where. Then without my luggage i’m seriously going to cry and be super annoyed if my suitcase gets lost. If my suitcase gets delayed, fine I can cope. But if you don’t stick a luggage tag on your precious suitcase, the chances of it finding its way back to you is 0. So come on luggage tag it up.

I do admit I am a total sucker for stunning floral prints, so for this I just had to pick the Ted Baker Shadow Flora Luggage Tag & Passport Set. I mean just look at it, the new season print and the shadow flora is just beautiful. The print runs on both sides of the passport holder & I love the fact it keeps it all nice & tidy and really easy to just pull out. The luggage tag again is really sturdy, with rose gold detailing, oh my! All about the detail as always with Ted Baker.

Ted Baker Shadow Flora Luggage Tag & Passport Set

My second item is a little off the wall, and some may not consider it an essential item. But it’s a romantic item, so that well makes it on the list in my opinion. The item is the Red Hi Jack Phone Splitter. I just love this, it’s too cute! A great way to listen to music, from a phone, ipad, laptop, tablet etc, just plug this in and then two sets of earphones can be shared. Such a clever idea, as when you’re travelling someones phone always dies first. But now you can both chill out and listen to the music. Plus it is just so cute, i love it! I mean yes he may moan a little about your music, but secretly he totally loves it, so it’s a good excuse. Umbra Gridart Wooden Photo Display in NaturalUmbra Gridart Wooden Photo Display in Natural

My third item has to be wet wipes. Because in the hot weather they are an essential item. Plus if you are going long haul, you need these to help you feel fresh and unwind. Plus depending on where you’re travelling, you will be greatfull of a mini pack of wet wipes in your bag for sure. The mini wet wipes are great, they take up minimum space yet inside there is 10 wipes. Resealable they are also scented and come in super cute packaging. Plus if you have kids, they are ideal after a messy ice cream. The Cupcake Mini Wet Wipes are strawberry scented, with the Owl Mini Wipes being Jasmine fragrance.

cupcake, owl mini wipes npw

For my 4th item I have chosen something which can change a mood, change a shoe and keep you dancing for that extra hour at the end of a very long night. It’s the trusty plaster! We all do it, buy stunning sky high heels for holiday, which of course we have never worn or broken in. (Please tell me everyone else does this, and it’s not just me being totally unorganized!) So anyway never worn them before, wear them out for a meal and then onto a club, and boom the blisters start, or they rub at the back, so bang a plaster from Ouch on it and carry on partying away. I do love Ouch plasters from NPW, but my favourite set I would pick would have to be the ouch sweetheart plasters. I just love the pink and the little heart plaster is to cute!

NPW Ouch! Sweetheart Plasters in Tin

NPW Ouch! Sweetheart Plasters in Tin

Ok so my last item would have to be lip balm, because in the hot summer sun, you do need a good lip balm to stop the humid weather drying out your lips. So it would have to be my all time favorite Kellogg’s 70’s Frosties, Lip Balm, a lip balm I did recently restock after using the whole tub. (Seriously I have never used a whole lip balm out, and I actually did it! *Yay*)
Kellogg's 70's Frosties, Lip BalmKellogg’s 70’s Frosties, Lip Balm

So that’s my holiday top 5, and of course some stunning images of the sun kissed beach to cheer you up. What is your holiday essentials, and where would you next destination be if money was no object?


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