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New In – Orla Kiely Mugs at Flamingo Gifts

Orla mugs


The new season of Orla Kiely mugs have landed at flamingo gifts and boy are we glad to see them. We love a bit of Orla Kiely here at FG, so any new addition of mugs to our massive range is always a treat. In the new range of mugs we have five different mugs and they are simply stunning. She seems to have gone down a real pastel vibe route and it is just so different and a nice refreshing take on her fabulous prints.

There is one new prints which we just adore, and that’s the oval flower. Too pretty! So without further ado let’s take a look at the five new mugs fresh in!

Our first mug is the 70’s flower oval grey mug and what a beauty it is. I adore the greys teamed with the cream it is just simply stunning. I also love the gradient on this mug, with the grey getting slightly darker as we pan out. So pretty this mug will easily mix and match with your collection of mugs in the kitchen. Plus it also comes in red as well.

Made from fine bone china, this mug also comes complete with a stunning high gloss finish. Dishwasher safe of course as are all the mugs from Orla. Priced at £8.99, this new floral oval mug has the 70’s written all over it!

Orla Kiely 70’s Flower Oval Grey Mug

My next mug I have to say is my…favourite. I know I shouldn’t have favourites, but I kind of do! It’s just so pretty, I adore the dainty little flower dotted all over. Plus I have to say I love the fact the flowers are nested into each other, with no gaps. Such a stunning mug and look at the use of colours. This is a pastel dream and mounted on a cream backdrop it just looks stunning.

Super pretty and the perfect way to enjoy a brew for sure. I have actually treated myself to two of this design because it is for me one of my all-time favourites. Now the Orla Kiely mugs are screen printed here in the UK and they are flawless, made with care for sure, they also are top quality and look the business.

Multi Flower Oval Pink Mug

Multi Flower Oval Pink Mug

A little burst of sunshine for you up next. A new print I adore it is the climbing flower oval mug and is available in both yellow and green. The yellow is a nice and bright yellow, which I think was needed in the mug collection. As we have a lot of orange and darker yellow going on, so this bright colour pop is right up my street. So pretty the flower oval is of course featured again.

This time with a lot of line detailing which looks incredible. A great way to jazz up your kitchen, plus priced at £8.99 it’s too easy to treat yourself. Being made from bone china this mug is nice and strong and dishwasher safe, so no washing up, yay to that!

Climbing Flower Oval Yellow Mug

As I mentioned with the yellow mug above, of course there is the green one, and here it is. Super bright and a real summer green, this mug is super pretty. Also how great would these two look together? The colours just complete each other and are a real show stopping pair. A great way to sit back, relax and enjoy a brew out of this beautiful new mug from Orla.

Climbing Flower Oval Green Mug

Climbing Flower Oval Green Mug

Last in the fabulous new collection of mugs from Orla, we have this stunning flower oval mug in red. Now we have had the grey mug above, so this is the matching pair to it. Featuring the big oval flower, the print repeats along the mug and does look amazing. A great addition to any collection of mugs, this mug for me is classic Orla Kiely. Especially with the stem print as the leaves on the flower.

Orla Kiely 70's Flower Oval Red Mug

70’s Flower Oval Red Mug

So there you have the fabulous new range from the lady herself. With five new mugs I am sure you will find it hard to resist! I have to say with this collection, I love the fact each mug has her own sense of style going on and you can instantly tell it’s an Orla Kiely mug. A great way to mix and match your mug collection whilst still keeping the same designer.

Plus she is constantly bringing out new designs, so even with the odd breakage, (because these things do happen). It doesn’t matter, it’s just a great excuse to treat yourself to the new must have designs. Guilt free. So go on, which is your favourite mug?


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