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Stationery you’ll struggle to resist!

stationery addict

Stationery is a massive Achilles heel for me. I just can’t say no. I have so much stationery, from post it notes, to pens, notebooks (I just adore), pencils, coloured pens, seriously I just can’t stop. I adore stationery and I struggle to resist most stationery. But any stationery that comes into Flamingo Gifts HQ I just have to have. I want it all but there is just so many amazing pieces that blow my mind! From amazing brands like Happy Jackson, Ted Baker & NPW there is always something new. So today I am going to let you into some bits and bobs that I can literally not say no to, so I hope you guys will adore them just as much!

happy jackson stationery

From Sass & Belle we just have the most purrrfect storage companion in the form of the Sass & Belle Set of 4 Cat Paperclips. Super cut and an ideal stationery treat for any crazy cat lady. Sorry just meant cat lady. It just so happens all the cat lady’s I know tend to be a little crazy…Anyway moving on, these adorable paperclips come in four colours and I just love the pink and blue. With these little dudes, I would make sure I only used them on my stuff as I wouldn’t want colleagues taxing them! Priced at £1.99 they are also a bargain and super hard to resist treating yourself.

Sass & Belle Set of 4 Cat Paperclips

I have a cheeky little number up next in the way of the NPW Get the Hint Post It’s, Shit List Tags. I’m sorry but I have to say these for me are just funny. They are the perfect way to deal with something you maybe don’t want to. Slap some of these on and pass it on. Sure to go down a storm with colleagues and friends. Just make sure they are friends before you hand it to them please! Each sticky note has 20 labels per pad, and we have some classics which I sure will be used in the form of “GREAT SHIT” “BULL SHIT” “WHO GIVES A SHIT” and oh so many more. These sticky notes rule and there is so many more in the collection, some not as cheeky as the shit list tags, so do take a look at the full NPW range.

NPW Get the Hint Post It’s, Shit List Tags

Moving onto some notepads, and I have to admit I am struggling not to thrown loads into this blog post, just because I love myself a notebook! So I am going to limit it to two, maybe three….

First up from Happy Jackson we have this aqua beauty and I adore the yellow elasticated trim. It’s the Happy Jackson A5 Thoughts and Doodles Notebook and it does amuse me. Inside we have lined pages, so this notebook would be great for lists or notes. It’s A5 in size, which is perfect for a notebook based at the office or at home.

Happy Jackson A5 Thoughts And Doodles Notebook

Moving onto a smaller notebook, A6 in size to be precise, these notebooks I find are great to have in your bag. I always like a notebook in my bag, because I always forget things, or have a great idea then forget it. Plus the amount of times I go shopping to be leaving and suddenly remember I forgot something just got silly. So now I have my handy A6 notebook to help me along the way. This is the notebook I personally use the most and get though as I’m always jotting things down on the go.

Happy Jackson A6 Little Book of Awesome Notebook Pink

Happy Jackson A6 Little Book of Awesome Notebook Pink

Ok last one I promise! But I just have to include this beauty from Ted Baker. Because as the blog title sys you will struggle to resist this lemon beauty. It is the Ted Baker Medium Lemon Brogue Notebook and its super cute. I adore the lemon colour, plus the brogue detailing is just on top. It comes complete with silk ribbon and printed end papers and for me is just stationery porn. It’s so beautiful, I have actually given so many of Ted’s notebooks as gift and they always go down a storm.

Ted Baker Medium Lemon Brogue Notebook

I feel I have to stop soon, as I am going to just rabbit on and bore you all to death with my stationery addiction. So my very last gift I am going to choose is a lovely pen by the fabulous Ted Baker. A totally classic and a best seller this pen is just wow! It’s the Ted Baker Coral Touchscreen Pen & Pouch and at the minute coral is very vogue and everyone is loving it. I myself am a massive coral fan, so this pen just ticks all the boxes. Finished off with rose gold detailing it is the perfect treat for your office based job right! More like an investment some would say, because good stationery is good for the soul, plus it makes you work so much better!

Ted Baker Coral Touchscreen Pen & Pouch

So what do you think, is there anything in here you would struggle to resist?


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