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***Brand Spotlight***

Today I am going to be looking at some amazing Ted Baker gifts we have here at flamingo gifts. There stunning prints and super stylish style make all their gifts a perfect gift for him or her. I have to say with the Ted Baker range there is also a great amount of male gifts, which we all know males can be hard to buy for. But the range Ted Baker have for the guys is pretty impressive. You can buy him a selection of different gifts from the range and just know he is going to love the styling.

Most of the presents from Ted come gift boxed, which again make them perfect presents for him or her. Although I have to admit, that doesn’t necessarily tend to be the case. A lot of the time you will find yourselves just treating yourself and getting little gifts for you. It literally is too easy. I cannot count the amount of goodies I have from this range, because it’s a bit embarrassing. I am a stationery addict so the stationery range for me is just out of this world, the pens and colours and prints are just wow.

So with that in mind, I have picked out my top 10 Ted Baker gifts to show case to you guys, I hope your enjoy.

Kicking things off I have one of my all-time favourite pieces from Ted Baker and what a beauty it is. I am totally crushing over coral this past year, so this for me is a total highlight from the range. It’s just stunning. I am talking about the coral travel document holder and all I can say is just look at it. Such a vivid coral colour, finished off with rose gold detailing and the cutest little bow ever.

Inside we have everything that not only makes this a lovely fashion statement piece, but also a pretty useful travel companion. Inside you can store your passport, document, and cards for your holidays. Then of course there is also the handy little pen which comes in time and time again. Priced at £28.99 this document holder does come gift boxed and makes a lovely luxurious gift for her for any occasion.

Ted Baker Coral Travel Document Holder with Pen

Coral Travel Document Holder

One for him up next in the form of this classic men’s black pen. This for me is the perfect dad or husband gift. Guys seem to love pens and they do make a pretty useful gift he will actually use. So pretty and elegant, I adore the detailing on this pen. The copper colour looks fabulous with the black and it just oozes class.

Complete with a gift box, this makes a great gift for a special occasion. Priced at £24.99 this pen is of course refillable, and will keep him going for years. Such a stunning pen, I actually got this pen for my dad on father’s day and he loved it.

Ted Baker Classic Men's Black Pen

Classic Men’s Black Pen

Moving onto a pen for the ladies, I just have to include this pen from the range. It’s the oriental bloom pen and wow it is a thing of beauty. I adore the pastel pink shades on this pen, which is the perfect base for the then vivid flower print. So pretty, the hummingbird for me is just the finishing piece. Such amazing floral designs, that no one can ever do as well as Ted.

This pen is a must have for me. This ballpoint pen is of course refillable, however it is also a touchscreen stylus on the opposite end, which I think is great for women on the go. Now you can do some notes and work on your laptop or iPad or phone with this touchscreen pen. Priced at £24.99 it is well worth every penny.

Oriental Bloom, Touchscreen Pen

Oriental Bloom, Touchscreen Pen

Seen as we have had the coral travel document holder, it only seems fair to do the same one for the men, so here we have it. It’s the brogue travel wallet with pen and it is a beauty. A classic design which is great for him at any age, this will ensure all his passport and cards and kept safe in one place, and allow him to travel in style and ease.

A must have for guys, we all know they like everything in one simple place, and know he can with this beautiful travel holder. Finished off with a blue interior and little blue pen, this has everything he needs.

Ted Baker Brogue Travel Wallet with Pen

Brogue Travel Wallet with Pen

I have a black brogue luggage tag in my top ten list, because the very last thing you ever need is lost luggage. So pop this on your suitcase and your good to go. A great gift for a guy who travels a lot, with work or likes his holidays. This luggage tag also comes gift boxed making it a lovely little gift at only £14.95.

Ted Baker Black Brogue Luggage Tag

Black Brogue Luggage Tag

Next up we have a beauty in the range which I have lusted after for so long. However I just can’t justify it because I have no holidays booked yet, but the minute I do this is going straight in my basket. One of Ted Baker’s best gifts in my opinion this large travel document holder in the print shadow flora is just wow. I mean look at the print, I adore purples and this is just beautiful.

Now as I said this is a much larger holder than the others in the range, it’s basically like a clutch bag size and will hold EVERYTHING you need for travelling. A great piece which comes gift boxed, this is for the ultimate traveller and comes in at £39.99.

Shadow Flora, Travel Document Holder

Shadow Flora, Travel Document Holder

Another one for the guys next. You see when I said there male gifts are fabulous, I wasn’t lying! There is literally so much choice! We have the brogue shoe shine kit which is sure to come in time and time again. Just before weddings I’m sure!

Anyway in this set there is everything to get his shoes nice and clean and looking brand new again with polish, buffers and cleaning cloth. Plus everything is kept handy in the bag which is an added bonus. As guys always seem to be able to find one bit and not the other. So now they have excuse as everything is together in one place.

Ted Baker Brogue Shoe Shine Kit

Brogue Shoe Shine Kit

If she likes her nails looking sharp and perfect, how about the shadow flora manicure set. This pretty kit contains everything she needs to look after her nails and sort out breakages and chips. Complete with a lovely case to keep everything together, this is sure to go down a treat.

Shadow Flora Manicure Set

Shadow Flora Manicure Set

I have the peony brogue notebook up next, and these brogue notebooks from Ted Baker have been an alkies heel for me. They are so addictive and so pretty I do struggle to resist them, and have them in 3 different colours now. Each one of course has different lists and things I need to do based around work, home and personal live. But still I need to rein it in! They are literally just so pretty though.

Unlike a normal notebook I love the added glamour these have, the added brogue detailing looks amazing and the colours are just on point. Then of course we have printed endpapers and silk ribbons. I means seriously they are just the best notebooks ever. A great gift for here at only £12.95 I have given these notebook to so many of my friends and they always go down a storm!

A5 Peony Brogue Notebook

A5 Peony Brogue Notebook

Last up I have chosen the shadow flora jewellery roll, just because I adore this print and Ted has incorporated it into a must have travel accessory. Ideal for weekend trips away, this jewellery roll keeps all your jewellery nice and safe and tangle free. A great item which makes traveling accessible with your beautiful jewellery.

Shadow Flora, Jewellery Roll

Shadow Flora, Jewellery Roll

So there you have it guys, there is my top 10 Ted Baker gifts. I do hope you like the range! If you had to pick just one item, which one would it be? I think I’d have to go for the coral document holder, because it literally is just so beautiful.



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