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The Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide

Weddings can be stressful times — for the couple and guests alike! Now, we love a wedding as much as the next person, but you have to admit, once you’ve factored in travel, outfits and gifts, news of a wedding can leave you feeling anxious at best, and full of dread at worst!

Gift giving is always difficult, but a wedding throws up a whole new conversation of etiquette. You may be wondering:

How much should I be spending? When should I actually give the gift? And what on earth do I buy?!

Well, fear not. Here at Flamingo Gifts we’ve answered some of the most perplexing wedding gift quandaries, and even put together a handy little gift guide packed full of thoughtful and unique wedding gifts that any couple is sure to adore. You can thank us later!

Should I buy from the registry?
Check your invite to see if the couple has created a list of gifts they would like to receive. Not every couple nowadays will have a registry, but for those who do, this is a failsafe insight into the kinds of gifts the couple wants to receive.
Most couples who create a registry will choose a variety of items to fit all budgets, so there should always be the perfect gift on there to suit you. If you are planning on purchasing from the registry, we’d advise getting in there quickly! If you leave it until the last minute, the better, budget friendly gifts will have gone and you’ll be left with the boring or more expensive items.
Of course, you don’t have to stick to the registry. The registry is gift suggestions, and there is never an obligation to buy from it. The registry is however an excellent indication of the style and taste of the couple. If the registry feels a little impersonal and you want to get creative and find your own gift, be sure to still take a look and use the list as inspiration — they picked those items for a reason!

When should I give the gift?
Always avoid taking gifts to the wedding. This may be something you don’t even consider until the day, but a lack of space and organisation can mean gifts taken on the big day can easily get lost, damaged or mixed up. Having gifts at the event also puts extra pressure on the couple to open them in front of you, which they likely won’t have time to do!
Ideally you should post your gifts to the house before the wedding. This gives the bride and groom space to open and enjoy presents in their own time, and won’t add any unnecessary stress to the big day.

How much should I spend?
Ah, now the difficult question — cost! Talking about money, especially when it comes to buying gifts for other people, can be awkward. For weddings especially, there doesn’t seem to be a set acceptable price — some people will turn up with a bottle of wine, while others will splash out on extravagant gifts.
Of course, this is because there really are no rules when it comes to cost. There are a number of things that can influence how much you’re willing, or able, to spend on a gift, from your personal budget to your relationship with the couple. In many situations, you may have already paid to travel and stay overnight at a wedding venue, and paying out a small fortune for flashy gifts simply isn’t an option.
If you can’t afford an expensive gift, a smaller, personal keepsake will make just as much of an impression; the most important thing for the couple will always be your attendance.

What gifts should I avoid?
Traditionally, wedding gifts were essentials for the home. Nowadays however, with more and more couples living together before they get married, the idea of setting up a home together with wedding gifts has gone out of the window!

Staple home accessories, such as kettles and toasters, are likely to be items the couple already own. Double check what the couple already has before spending your hard earned cash on any of these items, or avoid these staples altogether in favour of a more unique gift.

So, what should I buy?
When it comes to wedding gifts, we’d recommend staying clear of home staples and instead opting for something unique and personal. Home accessories make the ideal wedding gift — look for pretty, decorative items that can be cherished for years to come.

Here’s just a selection of our favourite go-to wedding gifts:

Wedding gifts for the homebody
For those couples that just love cosying up and spending time at home, treat them to some stylish new home accessories. A picture frame is a failsafe choice — they can use it to proudly display pictures from their wedding, and it will always hold huge sentimental value. We love the Umbra Axis Multi Frame in Walnut.

For the couple who appreciate contemporary decorating, wall decor such as the Umbra Paradise Wire Wall Decor in Copper is the way to go. For ultra fashionable couples, why not treat them to a Wild & Wolf Marble Push Button Retro Phone? This vintage style marble phone is bang on trend, and will add an instant touch of style and beauty to any room in the house.

Wedding gifts for the foodie
If you’re likely to find this couple in the kitchen, whipping up magnificent meals, kitchen accessories are the way forward. While they may already own most of the kitchen accessories they need, fashion based accessories that can be proudly displayed are sure to go down a treat.
Tap into the popular marble or copper trends with the Sass & Belle Modern Artisan Marble Heart Chopping Board or the Umbra Pulse Trivet in Copper, which will add instant style and class to their kitchen. Coffee lovers will adore the Wild & Wolf Folklore Coffee Pot with its stunning midnight blue design and pretty woodland animal pattern.

Wedding gifts for the wine lover
If there’s one thing weddings guarantee, that is wine! The couple will have no doubt received a truckload of wine and bottles of bubbly, so why not help them out by treating them to some pretty wine accessories? Lolita, for one, offer a stunning selection of hand painted wine glasses — the Lolita Just Married Wine Glass is the perfect option for a blushing bride, as is the stylish Our Name Is Mud Congratulations Wine Glass.
To store all their gifted bottles of booze, opt for the Umbra Pulse Wine Rack Copper. With simple, contemporary lines and a stylish copper material, this pretty wire wine rack is ideal for lovers of modern style.

Wedding gifts for the sentimental couple
For a sentimental couple, treat them to a pretty keepsake that will always remind them of their big day. Sass & Belle offer a wonderful selection of ‘Mr & Mrs’ accessories, from the Sass & Belle Mr & Mrs Heart Trinket Dish to the Sass & Belle Mr & Mrs Contemporary Mugs. For an even more personal option, the Flamingo Gifts Personalised Heart Engraved Trinket Box allows you to chose your own message for the special couple, meaning you can give a truly personal gift that will make them smile every time they look at it.

For a further range of gifts to suit any couple on their big day, be sure to explore the full wedding gifts selection at Flamingo Gifts.

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