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Get Garden Party Ready

With the arrival of summer, so comes the traditional summer BBQ. Whether you’re hosting a cosy affair between a group of close friends or a bigger garden party for a special occasion, we’ve put together 9 top tips to get your garden party-ready this season.

Give your garden some TLC
You know all those little odd jobs you’ve been putting off since last winter? That old, broken garden set that’s been left to die next to your shed, causing twinge of guilt each time you spot it from the kitchen window? Now is the time to get on it! Remove all rubbish and do a tip run, mow and trim your lawn and touch up any dodgy paint work.

If you really want to impress at your garden party, go one step further by putting on your gardening gloves and grooming your outdoor space to perfection! A couple of potted plants can do the world of good when it comes to transforming your garden. Invest in some eye catching plant pots, such as the Orla Kiely Big Spot Flower Pot to take your garden to the next level.

Make sure you have plenty of seating
As with any social event, it’s vital to make sure there’s enough room for everyone to sit down. This means digging out any camping chairs, or emergency chairs you have laying around. If any friends are visiting from nearby, check to see if they have any spare garden chairs they can bring along. If you’re looking to invest in some new garden seating, the Rainforest Foldaway Chair features a pretty rain forest print, and is the perfect option for all your outdoor events!

Set a theme
All good parties come with a theme! We don’t necessarily mean straight up cheesy fancy dress — themes can be classy too! A vintage tea party theme is perfect for an afternoon get-together. Stock up on cupcakes and prosecco, hang up bunting and do out your garden with pretty vintage inspired garden accessories.
Or how about a tropical garden party theme? Choose colourful paper cups, fun cocktail umbrellas, and blast out your favourite summer playlist. The W&P Design Pineapple Shot Glasses are perfect for adding a tropical touch to your British garden party.

Prepare for any weather
Anyone living in the UK will know just how temperamental the weather can be! Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine, but make sure you have a plan B for every weather eventuality. A gazebo is ideal, but if space or budget doesn’t allow it, prepare an indoor space incase of any sudden downpours. Make sure you have a sizeable umbrella to cover the BBQ!

Prepare food the day before
Putting on a spread for a number of guests can be stressful — take some of the pressure off and prepare as much as you can ahead of time. Slow cooked food, such as pulled pork, is ideal for an effortless summer BBQ treat. To create tasty and incredibly easy BBQ pulled pork, all you will need is:
● 1kg pork loin
● 1 can of coke (or Dr Pepper, or Pepsi, or whatever fizzy drink takes your fancy — but make sure it’s not the sugar free version!)
● 300ml BBQ marinade
● Optional extras — onion, garlic powder, additional seasoning
Simply throw all these ingredients into a pot the day before and leave the slow cooker to work its magic!
Other foods that can be prepared ahead of time include:
● Leaf salads (leave off the dressing until the day!)
● Potato salad
● Coleslaw
● Bruschetta topping
● Pesto pasta salad
The more you can prepare ahead of time the better — you’ll thank us on the day!

Create a drink station
At the perfect summer BBQ the sun will be out and the drinks will be flowing. An indoor or outdoor drink station is the ideal way to add an extra special touch to your event.
Designate a table or bar cart as your drink station, and use this space to store cups, straws, measuring glasses, bottle openers and a variety of fruits and garnishes such as lemon, lime, raspberries and mint. A bucket regularly topped up with ice also makes a wonderful DIY drinks cooler!

Use your space wisely
Even the smallest of gardens can host a great party if you use your space wisely! For example, if you want to decorate but don’t want to lose much needed outdoor space, utilise wall and hanging garden accessories — cleverly placed accessories can transform the look and feel of your garden without making it feel smaller than it already is.
On the day of the BBQ, be sure to position your seating in areas that will catch the sun to allow everyone to make the most of the summer heat. If you’re pushed for seating space, why not scatter some cushions or throw blankets on the lawn? This not only takes up much less room, but is ideal for creating a relaxed vibe among your guests. Sass & Belle offers a number of great options — the Sass & Belle Pink Party Ring Biscuit Cushion is our favourite!

Create your own photo booth
Is a party really even a party if you don’t have a multitude of cheesy pictures to look back on?! We think not, which is why every good party should have a DIY photo booth.
Creating your own photo booth is a fantastic way to take your party pics to the next level, and all you need is a blank space, a handful of props and a camera! An empty picture frame next to a plain wall is the perfect starting point, and once you’ve thrown funny sunglasses, hats and picture props into the mix, you’ve created an quick and easy photo booth that your guests are sure to love.

Light up your garden
If your party ends up continuing into the night — which most of the best parties usually do! — you need to be prepared. Outdoor lighting is a must for when the sun has gone down but the party is still going strong. Decorative lighting such as fairy lights and hanging lanterns are a great way of lighting up your garden while adding an extra ambience to your event.

To get your garden party-ready this summer, be sure to explore the full home and garden accessories range at Flamingo Gifts. With party accessories from the likes of Orla Kiely and Sass & Belle, here you can find the perfect options to take your summer BBQ to the next level.

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