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Back To School Essentials: Prepare For The New School Year

When did September creep up on us?! We feel like we’ve blinked and missed the summer holidays, and now we’re packing up our little ones ready for their first day back at school.

Whether you’re wiping away a tear or breathing a sigh of relief at the prospect of child-free days, there are a number of things you need to consider in the run up to back to school.

With so many bits and bobs to get together, it’s easy to forget something. To lend a hand, we’ve put together some of our favourite back to school essentials, alongside some school time tips that will ensure your kids come out top of the class.

Liven up their stationery collections

There’s just something about shiney new stationery that awakens the secret creative mind inside all of us. Children are no different! An adorable new pencil case or glorious pencil assortment will have your little ones dying to head back into the classroom!

If you’re looking for some new children’s stationery, we’d have to recommend the Sass & Belle Aiko Panda Kawaii Friends Pencil Case — it’s super cute face and ear detailing is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of your child! To fill up their new pencil case, why not treat them to the adorable Sass & Belle Happy Cactus Carved Wood Pen?

Of course, notebooks are also a must for school. Even if they’ve been given their own work books, notebooks are a great way to encourage creativity. Older kids can use them for planning, keeping timetables organised and jotting down homework, while younger children can practice their creative writing or artistic skills.

The Happy Jackson Great Ideas Notebook is perfect for scribbling lists, plans and to-do’s, while the Sass & Belle Tropical Summer Watermelon Notebook guarantees to add a fun pop of colour to their school bag.

Make lunchtimes fun

We all remember our favourite lunch box from back in the day; maybe it was a favourite TV character, or just a fun design that sparked our imaginations.

During your school years, lunch boxes are a big deal! In a world of school uniforms and boring backpacks, they offer a fun way for little ones to express their style and personality.

At Flamingo Gifts, we offer a number of lunch boxes that your children are sure to love. For any little gigglers, how about the Mr Men Little Miss Giggles Lunch Box? With a quote reading “life is better if you giggle”, this adorable lunch box will brighten up her school day!

For automobile fans, the The Monster Factory Insulated Orange VW Campervan Lunch Bag is a cool, retro option that guarantees to make an impression. With additional insulation, this lunch bag is really handy for keep fresh goods fresh until 12 o’clock!  

Finally, if you’re looking to teach your kids the importance of healthy eating, the Sass & Belle Happy Fruit & Veg Lunch Bag is a super cute option. Featuring happy, smiley fruit and veg, this lunch bag is sure to encourage your little ones towards their five-a-day.

6 Back To School Tips To Ensure They Have The Best Year Ever

We all want our kids to do well at school. To help give your kids the best possible start to the school year, make sure you;

  • Get them into a routine.
    • Especially after a long summer holiday, getting up at 7am can be a near impossible task! Prepare your kids for the return of early mornings a few days in advance by gradually waking them up a little earlier. This way they’ll get to sleep early on Sunday night, and hopefully won’t be as exhausted come Monday morning!
  • Make sure they eat breakfast.
    • It really is the most important meal of the day! Set your kids up for success with a nutritional breakfast that will see them all the way through to lunch. Also be sure to have an emergency stash of quick breakfast items such as fruit or cereal bars, either in the car or your handbag. This way, in case of an accidental sleep in, your kids can still start the day off right!
  • Pack a healthy lunch.
    • It goes without saying that healthy food, alongside lots of fruit and veg, does wonders for the brain. A nutritional lunch will ensure your kids feel refreshed, awake and focused throughout the day.
  • Create a homework area.
    • Whether it’s a full desk equipped with stationery and accessories, or a section of the dining table they can work at in peace, assigning one specific place for them to complete work will do wonders for their concentration!
  • Catch up.
    • Even if it’s just a casual five minute chat on the way home, be sure to keep caught up with what your kids are up to at school – from a studying and personal point of view! Having a designated time to chat will make it much easier for your kids to let you know of any worries or struggles they’re having.
  • Get ready the night before.
    • We all know weekday mornings are completely hectic! Get as much as you can prepared the night before to avoid that early morning rush. Make sure clothes are ironed, socks are washed and PE kits are packed and ready by the door – you’ll thank us come morning!

For fun and stylish stationery, pens and pencil cases, lunch boxes and more, be sure to explore the full accessories collection at Flamingo Gifts!

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