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Nursery & Children’s Room Decor

Weather you are expecting a new bambino and what to get that nursery stop on, or what to jazz up your children’s bedroom. Decorating and changing and reinventing a room doesn’t have to cost the earth and here at flamingo gifts we have lots of little ticks and items which will transform their space. Because let’s be honest children love to play, and weather it is with lego, doll’s houses, toys or dolls, they can easily spend house playing away in their bedrooms, so you want the space to be inviting, comfy and snug. In this blog post we will take a look at some way to change and mix up their space.


Photo frames

Most walls in the home now are whitewashed, which is a great place to start. A blank canvas is idea as you can then mix and intercept a whole host of colours, or a certain few depending on if it’s a boy or a girl. Photo frames are a lovely place to start, and are a great way of making the bedroom personal to you. Whether you use photos from a great day out, a holiday, or a lovely walk in the country. We have a fantastic range of photo frames which will look fabulous on the wall. The white clothesline shadowbox photo display is a great frame to start with, and is also great for a nursery. You can clip all sorts of little bits and bobs, like your baby scan picture, a little sock from when they were born and other little mementos making it a real personal piece. The white minimalist frame will also work on both sexes.

For older children the umbra edge multi wall frame in natural is also a must have, the frame itself can hold lots of different photos both landscape and horizontally, plus there is a little shelf, which will look super cool with for instance little lego people in. Allowing this frame to be incorporated into a children’s room. Or how about the beautiful Sass & Belle Delilah Heart Multi Photo Frame.

Wise words

If you have the coolest kids in town and it’s safe to say to do! How about some wired inspiration for them. A great way to inject some fun and character into a room, this stand alone words will look great in the middle of a blank wall. Some off our favourites are from the Umbra range. A lovely way to add some fun into the decor whilst still look contemporary and chic.

Flags are also bang on trend and the Sass & Belle range are a lovely way of adding a little bit of love into the decor. The love you to the moon banner flag is just adorable and is a great way of letting your child know just how special they are to you.



Lighting in a bedroom is so important, especially with children. We have to battle against the whole scared of the dark episodes. Which means you need clever lighting that will provide them that safe space of lighting but also not keep them up all night.

Also come evening time you want the children to be settling down and that means a more relaxed lighting, for bedtime stories and chill out time before bed. The cactus led light and the cloud LED light from Sass & Belle are a great way to bring in some light whilst keeping the atmosphere nice and relaxed.



The bed is the hub of any bedroom and the place you want to be nice and comfy and inviting. Here at flamingo gifts we have a whole host of fabulous cushions we are jazzy, quirky and fun.  For the nursery, the Elliot elephant cushion is just adorable. They will work and look fabulous with a muted colour way in a nursery and also add that little pop of colour. The cloud cushion is also just stunning and being available in white and cream looks crisp and natural if you maybe don’t know the sex of your baby as of yet.

From older children we have some really cool cushion, with the likes of the pink party ring. I mean which kid wouldn’t love a giant party ring to snuggle up to. Plus it looks fabulous on the bed in the daytime. The rainbow unicorn is surely a must have with the girls, and the pastel colours on this are just stunning.



With children playing in there bedrooms, a rug can be a great addition, giving them sometime nice and soft to sit on as they play on the floor with there trucks, lego or dolls. We have some fabulous super cute rugs from Sass & Belle. The panda rug is a favourite, however if you want to be healthy how about the happy poppy pear rug. The rugs all come complete with little faces, making them much more personable and the right size for kids.


For an extra seat when friends come round to play you can’t beat a bean bag. However we aren’t talking about a boring old plain beanbag. Oh no…..because bean bags have had a makeover and are pretty cool now. From Woouf we have the coolest bean bags ever made. They just so happen to be crafted in Barcelona but anyway, the choice is the coolest yet, from burgers to heart donuts, turtles to carousels. Whatever vibe you’re going for, weather it be fit for a princess or fit for a prince we have it covered. Plus all our bean bags come complete with machine washable covers, (God send!) Plus they are water resistant, so liquid will just run off, child friendly or what! They can also be used outside in summer, so a great all rounder extra seat when the kids have their friends over!


Hook & Wall Storage

Added storage in the form of bedroom hooks are a must have. They are great for bath robes, towels and coats and are sure to come in handy. We have a lovely range from Umbra in plain neutral colours, like natural of white. Or you can go for the quirky options from Sass & Belle are have a unicorn, flamingo or cactus. Or one of each! Or how about the Umbra handy hooks, a must have for the cool kids in town!

Mixing up and changing the bedroom can be an easy job, with a few simple and stylish accessories you can really create a chilled out and relaxed room which is also fun and personal with a few little touches. By keeping the colours on the walls nice and natural, you can add splashed of colour with interiors and this way the room can be easily adapted as the child grows up. If you have fallen for anything featured in this blog, do take a look at some of our brands like Umbra & Sass & Belle which are a great way to inject some class and also some fun items in the mix. We also have the children’s room section which is a great way to see everything together.

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