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When is black friday 2017?

Eeeek is it to early be speaking about the big C word! We think not, because we just adore Christmas. It literally gets no better when those cold winter morning come in, the frost is settling on the ground, your deicing the car and before you know it, you waking up every morning to chocolate from the advent calendar. Then you know it, the countdown is on!

However Christmas seems to get wall on it’s way even earlier now, with the appeal that is black friday. Also no we aren’t talking about the grabbing and fighting in the shops. Heaves no, no one what’s that, we have all seen that video over TV’s! But black friday is a custom which here in the UK we all seem to love. Plus what’s not to love.

Black Friday offers some amazing deals, and also gets your christmas shopping well under way, which is never a bad thing, if like us you always leave it till the week before.

So if you savvy and think it though, you should really get black friday penciled into your calendar now.

Now we aren’t saying take the day of work, sit at your computer all day or anything crazy like that. But having a look around a week before and then coming back on the black friday means you are for sure going to get a great deal! Plus after work from the comfort of your own home in front of the fire, all we are saying is come the Friday of black Friday. Get your PJ’s on and have a look!

Black friday falls on the 24th of November and we for one are saying we are game. Here at flamingo gifts we will have an epic black friday treat for you. So pencil us in for sure!

Here are a few little hints we MAY have in store…..

It’s Christmas, where its coming. When black friday hits Christmas is pretty close by, so one thing for sure in the UK is that it’s going to be freezing. So we feel that Intelex may have a special Black Friday offer one. After all who wouldn’t love a warmie in their stocking or all wrapped up under the tree.
Each intelex soft plush is super fluffy and soft and which the likes of bagpuss, fox’s, husky’s, bear’s, sheeps and so many more animals to pick from there is something for everyone. Plus the unicorns will no doubt go down a treat too! Scented with lavender they smell amazing and just pop them in the microwave for 90 seconds and they come out nice and warm ready to heat your ed or snuggle up to. So will we have an amazing deal on these? Maybe?

Microwavable Cozy Pet Pugsy the Pug

Cozy Plush Microwavable Rainbow Dragon

Microwavable Cozy Plush Fox

Sass & Belle
The home of the quirky and the cool, Sass & Belle have a little bit of something for everyone. No matter what age or style. From contemporary gifts to quirky, novelty to fun. There range of cushions, home wear accessories, flasks and lunch boxes mean you will easily find the perfect gift for a loved on in there range. But will we have a mega black friday deal for you? Wait and see?

Set of 3 Lima Llama Suitcases

Black Cat with Ears Mug

Gold Pineapple Money Box

United Oddsocks
Socks are a must at Christmas. I mean come on, if you don’t get socks as a present, is it even Christmas? However United Oddsocks have done a 360 on the whole socks presents and actually made giving socks fun. I know crazy but true!
Just looks at their design, super fun, colourful and odd! What’s not to love. A new design we are just loving this season is the be a unicorn range and this beauty is sure to go down a storm with the ladies. For the guys the sock exchange weekend is a must have. But come black friday you very well may see an amazing offer on the whole range.

Be A Unicorn Socks Gift Set

The Sock Exchange Weekend

If you don’t want to miss Flamingo Gift’s amazing Black Friday deals we would recommend signing up to our newsletter, as you never know you may get an early bird offer!

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