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Lolita all starting with a girl’s night out (oh yes, don’t all the best ideas!) looking though a martini menu, Lolita was inspired by the recipes! After being served one, Lolita thought the glass should be more dressed up to reflect the flair of the drink & ingredients, with a cheeky recipe on the bottom of the glass. After all Lolita’s friend picked a different cocktail depending on their character, the whole idea of Lolita flared, and we are so pleased it did! No matter who we get a Lolita for as a present, everyone always loves them, the detail, the glam, glitz, crystals, sequins, everything on Lolita we adore! From amazing Lolita martini glasses, the concept expanding to contain Lolita wine glasses, pint glasses & oh yes shot glasses, and then even mugs! One of our all-time favourite gifts, Lolita glasses go down an absolute storm & we highly recommend them as a fabulous gift for amazing friends & family. We hope our massive range of Lolita we let you find the most perfect gift!