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Champagne Glasses

In our world everybody loves champagne, it’s associated with celebrations and joy and party time! These gorgeous champagne glasses will bring a smile to everyone’s face and will add to the perfect occasion. They are so fabulous they could just be there to look good, the decorations are so detailed and pretty, what a lovely gift for so many occasions and so many people.

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Oh bring on the birthday bubbles! Who doesn’t love to celebrate in style! We here at Flamingo Gifts are 100% with you get the fizz and let’s celebrate. If they have something special to celebrate there is nothing better than a stunning champagne glass which can be kept after and remind you of the special occasion. An ideal big birthday gift, we do love the Lolita champagne glasses with are ideal for 18th and 21st. The champagne flutes are handmade and look amazing covered in little gems. They also come gift boxed making them ideal to give as a gift.

If you’re having a party or dare we say it, but pool party. Then the flashing led champagne glass is the way forward. So cool you can set the glass to glow just one colour out of a massive choice of colours. Or just leave it flashing, oh how rude!

If however your celebrating a classy affair such as an anniversary, wedding or engagement we can suggest the stunning handmade Millefiori champagne flute, from German designer |Leonardo, they are chunky and each one is totally unique. Hand infused with little gems of colourful glass they are beautiful.


We do hope you have lots of choice in the champagne glasses selection, but for more choice why not take a look at our wine glasses or martini glasses sections.