Amazing Rollerball

Amazing Rollerball

If you’re into doing crazy stuff, then this giant inflatable Roller Ball could be the catalyst for some of your greatest stunts yet! Fully inflated, the Roller Ball stands at a gargantuan 3m x 3m x 3m and provides the cushioned comfort required for rolling yourself and a friend down a hill. Yes, that’s right – the idea is to start at the top of a slope, strap in and then enjoy the ride of your life! Sound dangerous? It is, actually, so common sense and the relevant precautions are prerequisites to using this sporting contraption!
Not for the faint-hearted, the Roller Ball can offer hours of stomach churning entertainment and, if used responsibly, is perfect for parties and events. Listen to the shrieks of delight as your friends hurtle down the hill at breakneck speeds and, when your turn comes, for full enjoyment try not to be paired with the weakest-stomached of the group. Trust me – you’ll regret it.
Although the ball is made of heavy-duty plastic, it’s not immune to punctures, so please use on turf that is clear from sharp debris and obstacles, and always double check the gradient and landing runway before you start rolling. An easy-to-use repair kit is included with your Roller Ball for if you do get a puncture and a provided mains powered pump takes only around 20 minutes to inflate/ deflate the ball. If you’ve found an isolated hill to roll down, a 240v generator can be used in lieu of access to mains power.
Never use the ball alone and always stay well clear of steep gradients, roads and motorways, train tracks, and water.
•Not to be used on or near the public roads/motorways.
•Not to be used on or near railways lines.
•Not to be used on or near water.
•The Roller Ball is sold for private/personal use on private land and is not to be deployed commercially.
•Not to be used by or near children or animals.
•The minimum accepted user height is 1.5 metres; the maximum accepted weight is 200 kilos.
•Do not Use the Roller Ball on steep gradients. The Roller Ball has no brakes and is susceptible to being blown by the wind. Do not use if wind speeds exceeds 20mph.
•Use on land which is clean and clear of all obstacles. If using on a slope, make sure there is a long clear area of run-out so the ball can stop naturally without reliance on persons or objects.
•Always strap yourself in. Never use alone. Ensure there are no obstacles in your path.
•Not suitable for persons suffering from a medical condition likely to be adversely affected by the extreme movement/forces experienced when using the Roller Ball. Examples include persons with heart disease, pregnant women, persons suffering from claustrophobia, back problems or with behavioural disorders. If in doubt, seek medical advice.
•Prohibited for use by persons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
•Do not attempt to lift the Roller Ball on your own.
•Thumbs Up and its resellers are not liable for any injuries obtained while using the Roller Ball. Use at own risk.


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