Talking Mustache Keyring

Talking Mustache Keyring


Talking Mustache Keyring. “Well, Hello There” Simple press a button put your moustache up to your lips & let the talking moustache work its magic! In a smooth slick man’s voice, “Well, Hello There” this smooth mo does all the talking. A great gift for movember, or a gentlemen who has a proper full grown moustache. If so we salute you by the way! This is one pretty smooth keyring, which we are sure everyone will love! The perfect size for a little stocking filler, this beauty is a great novelty gift.

    <div>If he isn't a moustache kind of guy, no problem,<b><u><a href="/categories/unique-gifts-for-him"> click here </a></u></b>for many more ace gifts.</div>

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