Ugly doll Flatwoodsey 12 Inch

Ugly doll Flatwoodsey 12 Inch


Ugly doll Flatwoodsey 12 Inch

Each of these adorable ugly dolls has their own personality & are so cute, made from felt, they are so squeezable!

A massive hit with celebrities, loads have now been spotted with ugly dolls on their arm. We love flatwoodsey, her pink little freaky head amused us! Ugly dolls are random but that's what we like about them!

Life has many mysteries.

Well here's a big one for you all...Flatwoodsey! Her origins are a mystery, so why not join her in exploring the unknown?

So soft & huggable, these are a massive hit in the states! 

Please note each & every ugly doll is a limited release, so there are only limited number, which means a lot of people collect these ugly dolls! 

Size: 30 cm 

Suitable for all ages

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