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Spaceform offer some adorable pieces which are just extraordinary. The clarity of each piece is just wow, each Spaceform piece has gone through a long process to make it the finial perfect, high shine piece of glass it is. So cute, we adore the little love tokens which are just a must for any occasion, a great way to let them know how much you love them.

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Spaceform is located in Battersea in South West London and was set up in 1993 by Christina Greenhalgh and Jane Glibbery. Working with glass, no material was wasted, so with the run up to Christmas they made products out of the left over glass, including chunky glass hearts and stars, as well as simply paperweight when everything sold out, they realized there were onto something. So Spaceform was formed. Such adorable little trinkets, they make the perfect gift and cater for every occasion.
From the little Spaceform tokens which can be covered in multicoloured hearts or stars to the beautiful landscape quotes, the detail and precision on each Spaceform gift is amazing. Here at flamingo gifts we do love the Spaceform Miniature Token, I love you Mummy Hearts and the classic Spaceform Text Token Always. A great gift which shows so much love, each Spaceform gift comes complete in a gift box and is a lovely keepsake for sure. The photo frames and paperweights also make fabulous larger presents which look fabulous within the home. Stunning glassware at its best.